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Did a few modifications to my gig and it is now deleted

Hello friends.

I did a few modifications to my gig including changing its images. I did it back in 20-24 December 2017 and it is removed by fiverr.

I am really disappointed My brother’s marriage is arranged and i needed to generate money. It was my only gig which was generating more than 1K$ for me and now it is completely removed from fiverr.

First they sent me this message
"We appreciate you taking the time to create/update your Gig do professional brochure design, flyer. Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig.
The reason is:
Your Gig has been flagged by our team due to a third party copyright violation. Please ensure that you sell services you either own or have a valid copyright license to use. As a valued member of the Fiverr community, we ask you to respect the broader Internet community and refrain from such violations in your Gig offerings as this is misleading to our buyers.

Please guys help me. Fiverr was the only Source of Income for me


Any chance the images you posted were not your own?

Hi there!

I am sorry to hear about that, I know how it feels. I have been there! Have you tried reaching out to CS to know which of the third party copyright was violated actually? I am confused as to how a brochure design gig violates a third party. Except you don’t have copyright to those designs or templates you use? Do you design from the scratch?

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that is correct.
those were not my own. This is the huge mistake i made

What did you expect would happen?

why would you even do that?

taking credit for other people’s work is not cool. and as you witnessed first handed, it also does not end well.

But they should have given me a chance.
I just meant that i can make professional flyers like those.
for which is why i placed those images.

I’m sorry but I disagree.

I am all for the 1-strike policy.

You cheat, you’re out.

If you are a designer, design something and put it on display for all to see. And since it’s for your portfolio, do your best to make it as appealing as possible.

If I were your buyer and realized you were cheating me by showing me other people’s work, I would be furious.


Yes customer support said this
"Thank you for contacting us. I checked for you and your gig potentially violates a third party’s copyrights or trademarks. Any Gig that violates a third party’s copyrights or trademarks is against our Terms of Service. Copyright infringement is the use of works protected by copyright law without permission, infringing certain exclusive rights granted to the copyright holder, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make derivative works.

Before creating a Gig or video, we ask that you please make sure you have the right to use, reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make derivate works. Failure to provide proof that you own the copyrights or have the rights to use such material will result in your Gig being removed from Fiverr.

I respect your opinion bro. But since i changed my gig image a few days back instead of doing it since the day I had no review, they should have given me a chance to improvise or amend because that was my best gig and i didn’t get any order since that day.

But they said they cannot undo a denied gig.

Feeling said to hear this

You are also entitled to your opinion.

You also signed up to a website without reading the terms of service.

It’s clearly stated that copyright violations are not allowed.

You thought: “oh maybe they won’t notice”? Or did you not read the terms of service?

Because I don’t know which is worse.

Either way, if you want to blame Customer Support, feel free to do so, but you are the one who did this.

So own up to it. And move on.


Yes bro but how will i grab that rank and ratings? this worries me the most. I admit now that i made mistake.

They give you the chance to create a new gig with your own work by deleting this one.


I agree, not banning you is your second chance.


:frowning: that is correct

I asked and the said this

“We have addressed this issue. The images you use in your Gig portfolio should be your own work. Due to our Privacy policy, we cannot disclose any more info.

that means there is no issue with work i deliver right? because i was confuse as which thing violated their TOS

Bro i really needed money as my brother’s marriage is arranged next month and this is terrifying for me now

false representation. Simple as that… People misrepresenting work, what they are capable off and just claiming other people’s work as their own and do not have an original thought between their ears. I had some pro seller copy stuff from one of my websites and use it on one of their gigs. I just stared at it saying…that’s mine.!I had one seller copy my gig title and spin it round and use it… Another seller saw it and reported it . some people are copying everything.If someone is copying your work or your ideas where does it end. you can’t just go online and say “I like that. I’m going to copy that”. It’s a disease. Even though its a minority they are causing problems for the majority on here by doing this. Customers will not trust you and you do not deserve to be trusted and this gives Fiverr a bad name. you are lucky you were not banned. I have no sympathy.

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You look like a level one seller to me, this should not affect you in any way.

brother just make another gig and you will start earning again …