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Did any of the Fiverr user get back their restricted account?

My account is restricted since almost 1 months and there is no any response from the Fiverr Safety team. I contacted customer support and they told me to have patience and your account is still under review. I will wait no problem but I want to ask that if anyone had the same problem and got restored their account. If yes, then please also mention how much time they took to review the account.


Very sad! I didn’t face anything like that. Keep patience.

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Same happened to me and it’s been 3 months still I didn’t get it back. Poor management!

Oh I am so sorry to hear that. I myself have waited more than a month but still no response.
So did you made a new account ??

A new account will be disabled at any time.

This is not allowed!

You just have to wait for the outcome.


I think it’s time to look for a different platform to work on.

If your account was restricted, you must have violated a ToS that was so severe, you ended up where you are right now.

I sense you’ve left out some details to your story.

The ToS is in place to keep Fiverr fair for all users.

You must have done something to try to beat the system and got caught.

You don’t get a second chance.


Okay but I want to know how much time they will take more for their review. I also want to know if someone has recovered their account after restriction ?

So, why the customer support are telling me to wait ?

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I think you need to tell us the full story.

I’m sure you have left out some important details.


Restriction - means the account is partially disabled. The customer, either buyer or seller, can access the account, withdraw funds, complete ongoing orders, and review their order history. They cannot place or receive new orders, nor can they communicate with other customers through inbox messages. Seller’s Gigs will not show on the marketplace, and buyers will not be able to place new orders.

Once an account is temporarily disabled, the customer will need to wait for the trial period which can take upwards of 90 days to be completed to know if their account will be restored or permanently disabled.

Note: Customer Support cannot influence the result of this review, nor can they update the user on the review’s end date.

The above is from the Help Centre.

Was it restricted or disabled?

He said it was restricted.

Ah ok sir. Actually, I didn’t know about the policies of fiverr before my account got restricted. I tried to help students with academic works which I though first that it is allowed on Fiverr and some time the students shared their whatsapp number with me so we begin to contact there but for a few time. I received warnings but to be honest I didn’t read that because I so so busy in my work. I also did projects for companies which is allowed on Fiverr. I was about to become Level 1 Seller and I was very excited about it. But suddenly, one day the I was received an email from the safety team that I have violated the rules of fiverr and it’s been my 3rd warning. They said that I did student’s academic work. I was very upset then I read all the ToS of Fiverr and came to know about it’s policies. I tired to contact the customer support more than 5 times. They told me to wait but they didn’t tell how much I should wait. The account was my only source of income. I have to earn for my living. Anyone please help me what I should I do now ?

See my post above where it is explained in detail.

You will just have to wait for the outcome.

I see

But he also said

This seems more like a ban.

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Doesn’t look too promising whatever it is.

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Look for a different platform and READ THE RULES.

You were given 3 chances to change your behaviour and read fiverr rules and you still haven’t done so after receiving three warnings.

No one ever got their accounts back after 3 warnings.

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ok Thank you so much. I will wait for another month.

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Ah, shouldn’t I wait for their response ?

No, my account is restricted.