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Did anybody besides me notice this?

The first two letters of the Fiverr logo make up one of the letters in the Hebrew language, I believe the letter “chet.” (Someone should correct me if I am wrong.) I speak some Arabic, which is a Semitic language like Hebrew, so this kinda popped out at me. Fiverr is an Israeli-based company.

It’s possible that when the guys set up Fiverr, they were also using a double meaning…depending on what “chet” means. But I think originally when the platform was set up, gigs were also called “fivers” as well as referring to the five dollar amount for a basic service, as in “My fivers are perfect for online business” or “I’ll sell you this or that for a fiver.” So it was all just part of consolidating the whole concept into a catch-word which would generate interest. When I first came to the site, there were quite a few people who still called gigs “fivers”; now I rarely see that. But I could be totally wrong, and there IS a secret meaning to the name~!

Reply to @celticmoon: Haha wow interesting, wish a Fiverr admin can come over here and help us bury this hatchet. :slight_smile: