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Did anyone come across a weird thumbs up thumbs down review system?

I lately came across a this thumbs up and down system while leaving a feedback/review !

At first it gave me a heart attack with a wrong feedback thumbs down :stuck_out_tongue: but the client did leave and excellent rating 5start/thumbs up !

I hope it don’t messes things up !

Let me know if you guys came across this weird up and down system :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t around when Fiverr had the thumb rating system, but I think I would love it more than the star system they have now.

I saw the thumb on some gigs recently, most of them were pretty old ones or by members who are no longer active here. Looks for me like something from the past.

I saw it too!

Maybe Fiveer get back to the past?

it’s something that appears when you try to cancel after the buyer already completed the order and gave you rating, happend to me once, buyer gave me rating and then something happened and I wanted to cancel to give him his money back, when I sent the cancelation request the rating turned into a red thumb down, I had a mini heart attack too, so I removed the cancelation request and asked him to remove the rating first and he did and everything was ok after that.

Reply to @kjblynx: So were they testing it like beta or something it or is it actually in action ? :V

Reply to @kjblynx: They always keep doing this ! I had a mini heart attack, it was showing the ratings in the opposite way :v

Reply to @pierregeier: I just came across one yesterday :slight_smile:

Reply to @onlinedzshop: But it was not during cancellation or something like that !
I was rating my clients experience with me, he left very good feedback with thumbs up as he said, but it showed thumbs down with good comments :V
When i checked it later the thumbs were not there, replaced by star rating as usual :smiley:
But i do see a thumbs up in my profile picture at the rating/order page :V