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Did anyone else notice this HUGE change on fiverr's search results?


As you all know, there are 2 main filter in every gig category when browsing in fiverr; Recommented and Best Selling gigs.

Until today, there were many pages visible when you chose the “Best Selling” filter. You could browse for example until page 50 or even further.

But now, this seems to changed! For example, if you go to video and animation category and select post editing subcategory you can see only 5 pages! Or in buisness category and flyer distribution subcategory there is only one page!

This means that if your gig is not listed in this page, it is unlikly for someone to find it and order!

I don’t know about you but this seems a terrible idea to me!


umm I don’t see what you are describing.

can you take a screenshot?

is it a browser/cache issue?

are you using a filter?

oh I see it now. It’s only visible if you select the “best selling” filter.

hm. makes sense in a way. Narrows it down for the buyer for sure.
Like when you ask for top music tracks, there’s not a top 1.456 hitlist, it’s a top 10.


We have the usual 10+ pages in our category.

But there is nothing under Newest Arrivals.

Maybe this is in preparation of the levels update. I really hope that doesn’t upset the algorithm now that it’s straightened out.

I also am seeing gigs on the top first row under recommended that have not had any sales in months.


I really wish certain sellers would stop complaining about this. Buyers rarely ever search beyond the first, maybe the second page, of online search results (the same is likely to be true here on Fiverr). Buyers just don’t search that deep into the results when there are 48 gig results on one page. If you;re on page 2, your gig impressions will be low. It you’re on page 3-5, you aren’t likely to be seen.

Don’t focus on the things you can’t control. You can’t control the search results, and they’re going to change often. You CAN control your visibility by marketing and promoting your gigs, directing people to your profile page – or, even better the direct gig link.

Please take responsibility for your own gig visibility, instead of expecting Fiverr to do that for you. Fiverr doesn’t care where your gig is listed in search results – unless you are making sales from that gig. And you can increase your changes of making sales, by bringing in your own customers. Bring in your own customers, convert those customers into sales… and Fiverr will start to care about where YOUR gig is listed in the search results.

Fiverr wants to make money. They make money from gigs that are making sales. Therefore, the gigs that make money for Fiverr tend to be listed the highest in the Fiverr search results and on the gig category pages.


well, you have a point. Being on second page of my category I rarely get more than 1 or 2 clicks per day. I guess I should stop worrying about things I can’t control.


This is a new development I am seeing today.

Maybe these are sellers who will be getting an order completion rate that is below 90% soon unless they get new orders… That would be a logical and fair reason to try to give them some exposure to get a new order or two to keep them from losing a level.

I can’t think of another good reason for giving priority to what appears to be gigs that don’t sell.


Well, Fiverr is experimenting a lot, with the new level system, search algorithm and even with look of the site. I hope they sort out these things soon. Seeing your gig on the first page one day and then not being able to find it in first 10 pages the next day, can be a dilemma.