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Did Anyone else saw a header saying This account is Not Available

Hey All,

I saw a header notification on my account saying that this account is no longer available but my account was working and had no issue. Does someone else saw that too, or is there something to worry for me!

Happy Freelancing!


Yes im also facing this, when i asked from support they said its a glitch in algorithm no need to worry about it.

Thank God! I got worried.
Thanks for responding!

Same. I get it every 2-3 days and I get worried every time!

Same, about 10 times a day.

I saw the notice " The profile you looking for is no longer available " on top of my screen.

This is a bug being faced by many seller. Ingore that.

This a common bug that many Fiverr users have been experiencing throughout the past week!

If you reload, it should go away. Even if it doesn’t go away, don’t worry because it won’t affect your profile/gigs in any way. Thanks!

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Phewwww not just me having an existential crisis then!

Back to reality then…I think.

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Like someone said before, this means we are all BANNED This is a joke!!

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It’s a fiverr bug…No problem about that…

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