Did anyone experience gig unable to find after modifying title?


Hi, I changed the title of my Gig and now it is not showing up in “Search”.

Have this ever happened to anyone else? Did you find solution? Can someone check is it showing up or not?

Looking for solution. Please, share anybody!



Hi there!

Give it 24 hours or so, and it should show up again.


Yes, hoping so :worried:


Same thing happened here - just try and be patient, and give it a bit to show up and work its way back to where it started. Mine popped back up and over the course of a few days picked up where it left off in the category.


Now it is up automatically. It showed up after 1 day.


i think your impressions and orders are over now. same thing happen to me after modify my gigs. when you create a gig make sure everything is ok


Yes, Earlier it was on 1st page now is on 4th. I just changed standard package’s price. I think we should not play with gigs.


When you edit gig, it don’t show up for a day and eventually you lose impressions.