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Did anyone know about 150$ reward


If anyone know about 150$ reward on completing 750$ please tell me


Where you got this info first?


Yes Brother,
I know about the reward you are talking about.
this was for who do first withdraw from payoneer before 31 December 2018 of $750.
Did you Get that?


I don’t even know about that.


Fiverr has sent official mail for this.


Is this still going on?


that is, it was only until December 2018?


Okay, I get it what you are saying,


My Brother got this offer


But my Brother got this offer in February 2019


No idea If anyone know inform me please Thanks


I also get reward in February 19
As that take 2 month to add money on my account.


What was required to get the reward again?


That scheme was for last year.
I don’t think that anyone can get that benefit now as that may closed.