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Did anyone knows about this new update "Get Studio Invites"

is there anyone knows about this update which is “Get studio Invites”
some people are seeing it on their profile and some people are not

why is that ?? is there any reason for it


It’s still in beta testing so not everyone will have access to it. It’s basically a collaboration tool where multiple sellers can link up and work on one project together.


OMG this will be the greatest update ever fiverr has done

I can’t wait for it , bring it fiverr

by the way thanks for the reply :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You’ll work with other creatives who deliver a full solution, all within one you will able to work as team,

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It just showed up on my profile page today and I doubt that I will be using it. I became a freelancer to work alone and I honestly prefer it that way.

I have a motion designer and a developer to collaborate with on bigger local projects outside of fiverr but we’ve worked together for 7-10 years and have learned to tolerate each other’s creative ambitions. :slight_smile:


Oh my GOSH, this is awesome!! Sorry to fall into the house this way, don’t mind my happiness!! :rofl: But this is indeed an awesome feature. Can’t wait to join the party. A great way to work as a team, WOW! :smiley:


so far i think fiverr will not force someone to join in the team :slightly_smiling_face:

me too mate … i think we are going to get a big opportunity to learn a lot :smiley:


Well, they can come up with some creative penalty for turning this feature off, for instance, you never know. :slight_smile:

Yeah I love it, this way you can learn from each other and create awesome projects and maybe even getting more projects done…

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yeah you got a point …but i hope it’s not cause i think if everything goes well then there will be a lot of opportunists for new sellers who are trying to earn or learn …so i am praying it will not :smile:


Correct it will great opportunity to increase your sells,unfortunately i’m new seller…good luck

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I don’t know about this update;

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Well, this sounds very interesting. I’m a bit afraid that it will lead to more random people sending messages asking to collaborate though. Hopefully not!


me too. But how to create studio gig and who can. I can only receive invitations.


Yes… also I have this option. but still not invited anyone.

I don’t know about this update and I don’t have this type of option,
I think Its look like YT Space!! Do the buyer and seller meet in a studio?


I turned mine off like @lenasemenkova I do not care to be part of a team and all that involves.

For example, the same review shows on every team member’s profile. If one part of the team does not do a great job the rest of the team would suffer and get a unwanted less than stellar review. I want my reviews to reflect the quality of my work not depend on the work ethic or ability of another team member.


Wow! Where can I get this update? I didn’t see this my Dashboard!