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Did anyone knows about this new update "Get Studio Invites"

It is in beta at present and from what I have seen Fiverr seems to be offering it to Level 2 sellers.


Oh! Thank you for the reply.

It is also possible that they are “slowly” rolling this feature out, per usual. I don’t see this feature yet. :thinking: It is not like I will be using it anyway. :wink: They can take all the time they want. :smiley:

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There will be one team lead who will be responsible for the delivery and communication with the buyer.
He/She will invite other team members (who turned on invite) to work with him.
Buyer will only be able to review for delivery by team lead and team lead will be able to review team members work.
Also team lead will be hand picked by Fiverr, not all seller are illegible to become team lead.

This is my wild guess.

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That is awesome. We will be able to earn a lot more money

However, the whole team gets the same review, and it appears on every team members’ profile. That is unappealing to me. I would have to trust the other team members an awful lot to take a chance on having my stats affected.


That will be a problem. If one of the team member doesnt perform well then all of the others will have to suffer.


I mean team lead will be able to review each team members work individually.


can it possible anyone can apply this

At this time no. Only the ones chosen by Fiverr have the option.

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