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Did anyone notice the new update?

Fiverr added project prices and sample preview(for videos/images) in front of each Buyer review/comment, I saw it last week on one Gig and I thought it was a bug, now its visible on all gigs!

What do you guys think about this update?

Personally, I have a mixed feeling about this, on the upside, Buyers can see the quality of project you work on and what do you actually charge mostly, on the downside anyone can see your revenue and I am not comfortable with that.


They are telling buyers not to pay more? That makes no sense.

Fiverr is going to annouce to my buyers my spells are
"most succesful at $5"?



No, I am not talking about that, I am talking about that in front of each Buyer review/comment it shows how much he spent on the Gig he bought.


Now I want to be sure that I outspend everyone whenever I purchase a gig! What a great motivator to make sure I spend more than anyone else! If someone got a gig for $20 I can make sure I spend more than them!


I still can’t see that feature. :disappointed::disappointed:


On the plus side, I think it lends weight to the reviews, somewhat at least. If you’re getting 5 :star: reviews for $5 orders as well as $200 orders, it shows consistency and adds to your credibility. Also, if you’ve got a few negative reviews, but they’re exclusively for $5 orders, that might encourage potential clients to judge you less harshly. I don’t know, just thinking out loud. Is it still out loud if it’s typed??

Yeah, that makes me squeamish too.


I’m not seeing that :scream: Perhaps it’s only with specific categories. I don’t understand what’s the point of it, though.


1.Now all new sellers trying to figure out the most expensive things to sell will have an easier time of it.

2.Now we can all see what our competitors are getting and be envious of each other. And some are sick and jealous and will really make our lives hell.

3.Now all buyers can see others who got something for $10 and see that they don’t really need to pay $100 for it.

4.Now all sellers can see each others incomes. We have around 2/3 of all sales getting reviews, so add up a month’s earnings and add a third more and you know what they earned that month.

5.Now my clients will have even more reason to avoid leaving a review because they will be embarrassed or want what they paid to be private.

  1. Now people will be asking sellers why someone paid so much.

  2. This is private information for my buyers.

This is the worst idea ever for so many reasons.


I also think this is a very bad idea, especially to show the exact price the buyer paid in each review. I did see some place before on Fiverr (I think when viewing the gig delivery gallery though I can’t see it now) where it showed a range of prices (eg. the buyer paid something like “$5-$25” ). I think if showing prices, showing a gig price range (eg. “$5-$25” or something or maybe a larger range like “$5-$100”) would be much preferable.


Why is Fiverr trying as much as possible to show other people how much people paid?
First the ‘Average prices’, then the portfolio with the price range for each order, and now this + ‘most successful at…’ feature (better said, BUG).

This is PRIVATE INFORMATION for the seller as well as for the buyer! As a buyer, you don’t need to know what others have paid because you don’t have the same project as them. That’s how freelancing works, it’s not a bakery where you can buy the same bread as other people at the same price.
For my gig for example, each project is different and they vary in the amount of work. For a bread maker that isn’t the case. They have the same ingredients and bake that bread at the same amount of time.

These are really poor updates and will only make the buyers confused. Because they’ll see someone paid a lower price than them and the first thought is that they regret paying a lot when others paid less.
Also, this is highly unprofessional. Where else in the freelancing world do you see prices displayed like this? Nowhere. Because freelancing is flexible and it varies. People have different needs.


Not sure about this one either.
How about asking some buyers how they feel about it, Fiverr?
Personally, I don’t like having my private financial info available to the whole internet.

OT, but an update I can see, is a light grey/white UI where it was black before and position of some things changed too, I think. I possibly like it, not sure yet though, need to get used to it first.


I suppose they are trying to give an idea what the buyer paid to give the review more context. eg. if the gig/gig package was priced at $999 and the buyer paid $5-$10 for that gig/gig package (though an offer) and got a good result they are likely to give a good review, especially if they thought they got a bargain. Another buyer may see the original review of “Outstanding!” and see that the gig is priced at $999 and think they will get an outstanding delivery if they pay $999 (they may think the gig/gig package is worth $999 and the seller will deliver an outstanding delivery for that amount), even though the real worth of the original delivery probably was a lot lower than $999.


That might be the idea, would be better to let buyers define the context then, like “translation, fiction, 30K words”, “10 minutes explainer video with commercial rights”, “whatever”,… but that would require additional ‘work’ from buyer side = probably less reviews.

Sellers could do that, of course, but then there’s again the question of buyer privacy, especially resellers, but some end buyers too, might not want too much info shown.

And it’s not really possible to automate this, at least not for all categories/custom orders, while the price is an easy thing to grab and display, so they went with that, I guess.


If buyers want the world to know what they spent on a gig they are free to put that in the review.


I read some solid arguments that make sense here.

Personally I find it a little tasteless. What would anybody think if the cashier at the counter in the supermarket shouts out the total amount of every client has spend via the intercom.

“Hey, this guy only bought some bubble gums for $0,50”

“Oh, this lady just spend $150,00. She had some of the new brand of diapers as well!”

Nah, I don’t like this breach of privacy AT ALL.


Or in a restaurant as people are given the check, they announce over a megaphone, “this person’s check comes to $27.24 and they left a $5 tip”.

Or as people are leaving the hospital, a loudspeaker says to the entire hospital “Mr. Sam Prokwort is now leaving. He was diagnosed with terminal throat cancer. His hospital bill comes to $62,498.”

Or at a funeral, at the end of the internment, the funeral director announces to the bereaved “This funeral cost $13,635.”

Or at a car dealership, there is a big sign in the showroom saying each buyer’s name, date they bought the car, and exactly what they paid for it.


Actually, there were buyers on the forum complaining that the quality they received was not what they saw in the portfolio. They were quickly told that the portfolio shows all deliveries, but not the prices, and that it was perfectly possible that the awesome design they’ve seen was done for $200, not for $5. And that’s when a few of them suggested that the project cost should be added next to the portfolio items, so that everyone can see what you get for $5, and what you get for $500.


There are going to be buyers complaining about all sorts of things and that’s never going to stop happening. To announce what every paid is not the answer. It’s going to create huge problems of all kinds.

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Of course, but some buyers did ask to see the paid cost of the certain projects, and Fiverr might be trying to do what the buyers have asked for.

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