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Did ***** asked you to email her?


so a buyer called *****, asked me to email her at her email , she’s online on fiverr but till now she didn’t respond to me email , is that okay ?

or she’s like asking other sellers and collecting emails , or something like that ?

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You need to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page as sharing off Fiverr contact details is not allowed.

You are risking your account!


ooh , i’m i in trouble right now , i did it before but the buyer acutely needed my email to send files , and we worked great but this time i don’t know , so what should i do now and what to do if a client asked for my email ?


Did you get a message from fiverr about it? You should read the terms of service. If you break them you are out.


right…we need to read the terms of service of fiverr


In future just say you can’t do that because of the Fiverr terms of service (eg. that you can only contact through Fiverr as stated in Fiverr TOS). Also, mentioning email or “off Fiverr” in a message might get the message automatically flagged and checked (so could take a while to show if you mention it).


Just tell your buyer you will get all files through fiverr platform and fiverr will not allow us to do that.

If buyer is forcing you to send files or communication outside fiverr then immediately report him or you will get in trouble!