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Did Buyer Reqs go away on Custom Offers?

Hi Everybody! :sun_with_face:

I received two orders today where I sent a Custom Offer based upon the scope sent in the messages.

Funny thing, neither of these orders have Buyer Requirements that normally the Buyer answers as part of the order process. Is this just me, or was a platform change hatched over last weekend?

Thanks in advance for your insights! Just want to understand if I should be alerting CS or not. :grinning:


I am facing the same issue. Even the description that I entered while creating the custom offer doesn’t seem to be showing. It looks bugged. :roll_eyes: It’s kind of annoying.

I hope everything goes back to normal ASAP. But, yeah, I think they are making some changes to the layout of the gig page as well as custom offers.


Thank you for confirming, @hanshuber16!

I’ll open a ticket with CS and report back with their advisement. :policeman:t4:

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:zap: UPDATE at 11 am ET, Wed 27 March 2019 :zap:

Per CS, this is a bug. :beetle: They’ve opened a technical ticket.

MEANWHILE: Prior to creating a Custom Offer, be sure to ask for the scope – including all of the questions that are asked in the Buyer Requirements that are now not loading.

I’ll keep you posted. Cheers to a productive and creative day ahead! :rainbow::sunny:


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