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Did Extra Fast change?

I was just about to order a VO from a sub I work with, and something odd happened. The seller charges one fiverr per 100 words. I have a 795 word script, so i selected 10 gigs to leave a little extra for the seller. Because I need this in one day, I selected the $10 option for one-day delivery, and it multiplied $10 by the 10 units I ordered and was going to charge me an extra $100 for one-day delivery. Making my total $150 instead of the $60 I was expecting. I believe this worked differently as recently as last week. Can anyone shed some light on this change for me?

Honestly, that sounds like a good thing to me at least for sellers. I think it is in fact something new though. I recall ordering in the past with extras from a few people on multiple orders and that never occurring. I am honestly not surprised that isn’t how it always should have been though.

If it did change, it would be great if sellers had the ability tp price their “ExtraFast” extra on a per gig or per unit or per something else (like in my case per 1,000 words) basis.

@jamescott All for anything that helps the up-sell! I am sure Fiverr is too!