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Did Fiverr add Audio to the Portfolio Display!?


I just submitted and order to a buyer and an audio box came up with the caption portfolio sample. This is the same thing that happens when you submit a video! This is awesome! I have been wanting this forever! This is really great news! On top of that, they created a new feature where you can offer customized extras to the client yourself in each individual order if the buyer needs additional extras for the gig they ordered! Fiverr is off the chain now! i love it! Now all they need to do is cut the 14 day processing in half :-"


LOVED LOVED IT! i was thinking of making a video with my recording and deliver it to clients so it can be in the samples. Now I don’t have to anymore! Great news! :slight_smile:


This is nice, but now our gigs aren’t showing up in search by tags. Can’t have all good things at once. :slight_smile:


Reply to @dtongsports: @@ how does it work really?