Did Fiverr go down to maintenance for last 15 hours?


Hello everyone,

There was a discussion(11th June, 2017) in one of the Fiverr related group of my country that Fiverr has gone over maintenance for just 5 hours and everyone was alarmed not to log in or out or told the seller to refrain from using Fiverr during their maintenance. The group also added that if someone run Fiverr at that time, their ID may disable or can happen something displeasant. Although I stayed online for 24 hours(including that 5 hours), I didn’t face any trouble.

Someone on the post has commented that they discovered their profile picture changed automatically! But I didn’t notice any post on Fiverr regarding the issue raised on our country group.

So, I am here to see your accurate comment ralating my post. Was that really happened yesterday for 5 hours and have you got some change to your profile? Or do you know about someone who’s ID has been disabled?

Minthal Ahmed Masum



I cannot deliver any order by today, And I cannot contact any buyer via messages. The countdown disappeared for all orders. I want to know are you suffering form same problem.



Hi @exdesigns,
I haven’t any order right now and I aren’t chatting with any buyers so I can’t exactly anwser your questions. Hope, the sellers who have active orders will answer you soon.


yes there is a sudden change in my fiverr, as i have noticed
A buyer asked me for revision but i did not find any notification sign about that
And even buyer sent 2 messages and still am not notified
Don’t know what is going on


I’m too I cannot reach to messages or old messages. I try to access via different pc. Even I cannot logged to the fiverr.


Hey @minahmmas

Thanks for the information after update my gig that was not show in the page as we have position can you please tell me how can i solve issue.



I think we should wait untill this comes as previous, I contected the support center, still no reply. :frowning:


we have also contact the costume support but still didn’t get any replay from that side it has been past a 24 hrs


Hi @logoflow
I think you are much more experienced among us
And yes, my gig was placed in 1st page of NEW SELLER category, after update it was not there
But now its is back to same place
I missed some impressions, clicks etc


That’s may be a part of Fiverr’s improvement. Don’t worry. It has already been solved, right? Many of my friends too have experienced the same like you.


I have more than 10 late orders…!!! I think to get a holiday tomarrow :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


Wait wait and wait. They have lots of tickets to solved. You will be answered soon. Don’t worry.


we are already waiting for the answer why after update the gig was not show.


Haha. I don’t know why Fiverr do frequent update. It really affect some sellers, their orders and so on. And now, you have 10 late orders!


The gigs aren’t showing? Oh my God! I have to check it out. But outside of home! Opps.


But as far I know, after an update, the gigs take some time to back to its prior position. So, everybody stay relax.


Can you guess how long does it take to come back as previous?


As early as possible but not more than 24 hours. Cheers man!


yes it has already come back to its position
In case of mine, but i cant tell about yours


@sidgfx1997, may be all are going to get back their gigs position