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Did Fiverr Just Increased Their Percentage?

Hello, I just noticed an order I completed today, I earned $28.80 from a $45 order. It used to be $36. Did fiverr increase their percentage?


No idea sis. bump upto top

No. It is still 20%.



its bug they will show you on order page 28$ but if you check in earning so they will show you clear your payment check it

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I don’t think so . It’s a bug

Thank you, yeah it was a bug.

Hi @tamiryne
Fiverr did not increase their percentage.
please check earning page maybe you can see something, or If the buyer gives you a tip any amount, then also Fiverr cuts money from the tip! or buyer cannot give you tip, then hope it’s a bug, you can contact Fiverr support and tell them your problem. they will suggest you better.
Thank You.!