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Did Fiverr removed the blocking feature?

I just gave someone a refund, now I’m trying to block him but I’m not finding the button. Did Fiverr remove that feature without telling us? I want to block him! Sometimes these people order again.


It’s still there. Sometimes it’s not there when it should be. You can try the report button if you have a message from him. It may block him.

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As far as I know, it doesn’t work (show up) on PC when a completely new client contacts but for me, it always works on phone. I used block feature a few times using my phone. Check if you can see block option on fiverr app.

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Thanks for the tips. This buyer didn’t message me before ordering, another buyer did and I found the block button.

I suppose I could message him, write “please don’t order my gig again, thank you.” But then he could choose to report me.

Fortunately, most buyers are smart enough not to order again from the same seller, but until Fiverr gets rid of OCR, I have no choice but to blacklist any buyer that gets a refund.

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