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Did fiverr scalp money off my withdrawl?

I had $52 all cleared dollars in my account and sent it to my paypal. But i only got $51 and paypal didn’t charge a fee, and I wasn’t told about any withdrawl fees. Any insights? thanks

Reply to @mark74: There was no fee charged by paypal. it’s $0. the net amount I received from fiverr was $51 =o

It’s not Fiverr, it’s Paypal: everytime you withdraw your money to Paypal a fee is due; this fee is a percentage of withdrew money capped to $1.


PayPal takes a flat $1 for withdrawals over $50.

Reply to @mischiefmeer: Paypal already got the $1. So Fiverr transfers just $51 to your Paypal account. Paypal’s terms state that they charge 2% per transaction but not to exceed $1. So withdrawing more than $50 at a time is ideal since 2% of $50 is $1 - the max Paypal will charge you. Fiverr only hands over the money to your Paypal account AFTER that 2% is taken out. Note that when you transfer your money from Paypal to your bank account, no additional fee is added (and Paypal is NOT a free service) :slight_smile:

Reply to @cheezees: i see, ok thanks for clearing that =>

Reply to @mischiefmeer: You’re welcome!