Did I do the right thing here?


Hi, This is my first time I’ve received this kind of message, I replied and reported it, so did I do the right thing?


You did the right thing - I received the same message as well. Answer with a no, report and forget :wink:

It’s just plain old daily spam :expressionless:

And yes, you have to reply even if it’s spam, to avoid having your response rate going down (apparently Fiverr still wants us to respond to spam even though they claimed it’s not required, but the response rate says otherwise :roll_eyes: )

P.S. I tried asking this person to tell me whatever they want to tell me on Fiverr, but they said they don’t want to talk to me on the “Fiverr social media” :rofl:


I got the same thing a few hours ago :smiley:
Replied “No thanks” and reported.


I think it’s time to do some time optimization and from now on reply with just a…


No, it’s not a dust particle on your screen… stop rubbing your screen… look again :smirk:


Thank you for your responses. :slight_smile:

I wonder why they don’t want to answer on “Fiverr social media”. :smiley:


I got something like this.


““no income””
"“want to offer”
"“deal offer”"

He got me there. :smile: