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Did I do the right thing or not?

Hello everyone…I am a newbie seller kindly check if i did wrong in my gig format?


I would appreciate criticisms…:blush:

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Maybe change the main gig image. Maybe make it something that could easily advertise your gig and they could easily see what it’s about from the search page. It might be okay but I’d have a look at the other gigs in that subcategory just to see what they normally do (without copying any).

Also maybe take out “essays” from the gig description in case Fiverr thinks it’s academic work which isn’t allowed.

edit: I’m not sure if it should say “write mind-blowing content” instead of “write a mind blowing content” in the title. You could also separate “24hrs” into “24 hrs”.


Thanks so much I really do appreciate this… I have noted your points and will make corrections as soon as possible… @uk1000

wow…thanks for this


it seems nice.good job…best of luck


I will be direct: how can you specialize in so many things at once?

If you went to a surgeon’s office and they listed 356 specialties, would that be the person you trusted to save Aunt Gemima? (assuming you love the old bat)

To say you can (kinda) do all those things may be correct (esp if you only charge $15) but it isn’t exactly reassuring the reader that you do the amazing work you indicate. Use the words that you have to show your amazing way with words or saying it but not showing it makes the Gig seem less authentic, less powerful. Proving by showing is more powerful than saying (but having nothing to back it).

Why not write the Gig content as prose as though it were to a Lover, as if it were to the President, to your best friend the Frog Prince of Uphdjfkjhstad… I’d notice & remember that.


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I prefer the former, yes. :ok_hand:t2:


kindly explain further? @ignareint

“Content”, being a collection of ideas, is an uncountable noun; while “mind-blowing” is a compound modifier/adjective (two words or more combined with a hyphen/hyphens to collectively modify a noun). Hope this clarifies. :slight_smile:


Great Gig, best of luck buddy

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You are right @ignareint … same correction @uk1000 made…
I will fix it in a few minutes once I can… thanks😊

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You did great i think

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I see nothing wrong with your gig except for two things one of which has already been pointed out by someone before. The main image for the gig. Its too bland. I understand its a writing gig so there is nothing fancy you can put on there but putting a simple writeup is not at all grabbing the attention of the viewer instead it’s off-putting. Hear me out why.

Imagine a fake seller who is not at all good at English and copies all the content from the internet, all the best resources which someone else has made and puts a kickass intro video in the profile. How will you differentiate between them and you? Infact the fake seller has a much much better chance at closing the deal than you because its better presented. How can you totally change the game? By making a live video in which you yourself speak about your gig. As its explained in the Fiver Online Freelancing Essentials, every gig should have a well made video and a writing gig can have you in the video speaking clearly about how adept you are in the field. It will also strengthen the viewer’s confidence that you do know your stuff and can do his job. This was just my opinions from buyer’s point of you.

Second is the pricing. $25 for a writing gig that too from a new seller??? I mean yes I accept not everybody can write wonderful content and it requires deep research, critical thinking, hard work, proficiency of language and TIME but I am pretty sure I can get those things from an experienced seller for same price. Yes you might be providing content worth $100 for $25 but since you are starting up not everybody would be willing to pay that amount without credibility since you have no reviews, no orders, no past testimonials so maybe tone it down a little? I don’t know its just my opinion you can still stick to your pricing its just what I feel.

Good luck with your gig hope you find your order pretty soon.

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@uk1000 @ignareint I just figured out the hard way that symbols aren’t allowed in drafting the title thus I couldn’t place a hypen between “mind” and “blowing”… I had to change the title entirely.

@prafulprasad thanks so much for your contributions… You just changed my perspective. I will get that video rolling. Never knew the pricing was on the high side considering the level of work I’ll put into a buyer’s project. But all the same, I’ll review it.

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@benedictrm why not try me and see what I can offer?:joy: … It’s all natural and I can help the fact that I’m multi-talented in writing … Thanks a lot for your contribution. :slight_smile: