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Did i get cheated by a seller?

hello (sorry for my bad English) I am also seller I provide whiteboard video service in Fiverr so I needed SVG images. I go to one seller and buy 18k SVG, and 6 doodles categories SVG. after a few days just see many YouTubers and the website provides that 18k SVG for free, and all say that is free from copyright. Did i get cheated by a seller?

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it depends on what their gig-description is. Do they say they are selling original work? If yes, then they have scammed you. If they don’t mention that, then if they are selling such a huge package of 18k SVG for e.g only $5, if I were you, I would not expect to get anything original.


Hey, thanks for your reply, in gig description not mentioned anything like that. now, what should I do? I bought that 18k SVG, and 6 premium SVG categories for 15$.

Unfortunately, since you have not asked prior to buying, I think there is nothing useful (for you) that you could do. You can keep the delivered files and use them as “royalty free” in any of your projects. And be careful next time when you see unnaturally low prices :slight_smile:


yes thank you very much.