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Did I get hacked on fiverr?

Well, someone on fiverr about 4 hours ago sent me a message asking me if I could design a banner similar to the one in the link, I clicked the link, and it redirected me to the banner image, it was one of those bit…ly link things. About 10 minutes later, i was logged out, i tried logging back in, couldn’t… tried changing my password through email, still couldn’t, seems as if the person who hacked me changed my password and email, then i contacted customer support for some help, i’m in the process of giving customer support proof that it is really my account which is not a problem at all (Also fiverr blocked the withdrawal option on my account, so whoever hacked it most likely cannot withdraw any money to paypal, but this was done a little after i couldn’t log onto my account), the part i am worried about is that the hacker may have already withdrawn the money that i had on my account, it was about $150, something close to that, and i have another $200 or so which they cannot withdraw as they are still pending clearance (thank god for that 14 day clearance policy!) has this link/phishing hack ever happened to anyone, and if so, how was the outcome? any tips/ideas on how to help myself through this situation? thanks!!

I really hep you bought it in time. Keep us updated. Just a precautionary measure to beginners and even some of us who have been here for a while. Be extremely cautious when asked to follow links by potential buyers.

@boltdesign2 I saw your first post about this & felt just awful for you, but don’t know much about technical issues, saw you’d already contacted CS & knew I had nothing to offer you but sympathy. Thank you (and Ang) for sharing your experiences! People send me photos of their pets all the time but I never really paid attention that the files really were photos before opening…now I do! And next time I see a newbie b*tching about the 14-day delay in getting funds, I’ll tell them why they should be glad about it! BTW, have you run a thorough security scan on your computer (if that’s what you’re using)? Just to be sure a stealth file wasn’t left behind.

Hackers and spammers and files, oh my!

Reply to @craigscott: hi, will try to keep everybody updated, the second i found out i couldn’t change my password through my email, i immediately contacted customer support, they replied in about 10 minutes telling me that they blocked the withdrawal function on my account, so the hacker wouldn’t be able to withdraw any money, hopefully all goes well, sent all info necessary to get my account back to customer support!

EVERYBODY - Take this as a warning, DO NOT click on any links that are sent to you, even if they look normal, especially if they are asking you to view images through the link, most likely a scam, as they can attach pictures on a message!

Also I would suggest that everyone withdraws their earnings ASAP, I assume that paypal is a lot harder to hack than fiverr!

I hope you manage to do this in time.

Fiverr blocked my withdrawls after almost $700 was stolen. The problems I have now is that they are impossible to get hold of. I have tried everything but my account is still restricted after a lot of messages and posting on the forum.

Does anybody know how I can get in contact with CS? My messages are otherwise ignored or they never reach fiverr.

I hope all goes the way for you!

Best, Karolin

One of my friend on fiverr got ripped off to couple of hours ago. His id, pass was changed and his money was withdrawn too. Fiverr does not allow users to contact the support without logging in. What a shame. Users in distress should be given a chance to contact the support from the front page of fiverr in case of emergency

Reply to @kjblynx:

Wow… I had no idea that sharing links with someone you had a rapport with and with whom you were discussing business ideas–was against fiverr TOS. And, too, a lot of things that are supposedly against fiverr’s policy are not revealed until someone screws up in a big way. I guess this post puts the ‘big kabosh’ on link sharing–be it innocuous or nefarious. Duly noted. Fiverr should create some sort of TOS webinar to share in their ‘Academy’ which covers all of these bylaws.

Reply to @karolin: hi, i definitely recommend spamming their twitter page with messages, they always reply to me there, they ask for your ticket number on customer support, and then reply a few minutes later!!

Reply to @boltdesign2:

Thanks a lot, I have contacted them there but it seems like they don’t want to reply there either. Do you think they might think I’m spam, and therefore are ignoring me because of safety? I honestly don’t know what to do. I’ve already lost so much oney and I don’t want to lose the money I’ve still got in there. My motivation on completing the outstanding orders are next to 0.

Reply to @boltdesign2:

Thanks a lot for your tip. They have finally answered, I can exhale!

Hope we won’t be in this situation with hackers again. But its hard not to click links and downloading attachments and at the same time provide a good service.

All the Best, Karolin

Reply to @karolin: glad to hear that they’ve replied. i’ve gained access to my account once again, thank god i contacted customer support immediately, so that they blocked the withdrawal function on my account, preventing any hackers from withdrawing what i had!

Reply to @kjblynx:

kjblynx said: I was only stating the rule because it helps people catch scams.

I know. :)

Just a thought here. In V.1 of Fiverr users were able to view buyers profile including the time they joined Fiverr. I believe this feature coupled with the nature of the order could assist sellers in determining the integrity of the buyer and possibly avoid compromising their personal information. Users who have been banned due to illicit activity as we all know have the tendency to change their ISP and create another account to carry out their illegal activities. For Fiverr to implement the necessary hardware and software to monitor such instances in my opinion is not a viable option for effectively running a business. However sellers need to be protected at all costs and I think if we are able to view a buyer’s history we will be able to protect ourselves from a possible scam.