Did i get ripped off


I paid a seller (Mod note: Name removed) $300.00 to do an app for me. After he/she told me to just accept completed and rate them good, i haven’t heard back. Did i just get scammed?


If you have accepted and rated the order without receiving the final product, yes, you have been scammed.

Also, if the seller marked the order as delivered without providing you with the final product, they have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

Submit a ticket to Customer Support and tell them what happened. https://fiverr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


It sounds like it if you didn’t get what you paid for.

Contact customer support and give them the order number to get a refund.


I simply can’t understand the mentality of the sellers who ask or the buyers who do this.

Yes. You have been scammed.


Always review the final product and then within 3 days send a review. Now that you have been scammed,Contact CS to get a refund.


@stanley0044 So I assume you did this but I’m curious about the reason you agreed to do this when you hadn’t received anything? I’m not asking to be rude, just pure curiosity.