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Did i get scammed?

i am a buyer who was trying to purchase a logo for my company from a high rated seller. I chose to pay extra money to have my logos within 24 hours. I received them in 3 hours to only be very disappointing. I voiced my concern and requested a revision.

said seller said my revision would be sent to me in 12 to 24 hours.

Since then, my sellers status has been set to “away”, hasn’t responded to any feedback or questions… and they have not sent me my revision and its been WELL over 24 hours.

My gig is said to be marked as “completed” in three days and Im unsure what to do. can I cancel and get a refund? If I do end up getting the logos do I get a discount for tardiness? have I been scammed? thank you

Since its a high rated seller give them 2 more days (contact them once during this waiting period for a status report) if there are no signs of life from the seller(or you are unsatisfied with their response) send the cancellation request on the 3rd day right before the order is set to be marked as complete.

You can request a mutual cancellation and put as a reason that you have not gotten the promised revision. I don’t agree that you need to wait longer since you were promised the revision in 24 hours. I wouldn’t call it a scam but there is not doing what was promised so you are entitiled to a refund.

I know some sellers do a “first draft within 24 hours” but revisions can then take 24-48 hours. They mention it in their gig description but it is a little gimmicky for my liking.

I have cancelled a couple of orders, but the last one I placed I was scammed by a seller who upon my cancellation sent me her logo like it was the job that I ordered and then contested the cancellation. You can read the dialog at Fiverr needs to do a better job with their resolution support.

Unfortunately, due to Fiverr’s security measures combined with your typo, I cannot read the dialog. Did you contact Customer Support when the seller declined your cancellation request? Did you visit the resolution center that is linked to at the top and bottom of each gig page?

Or would you like to post URLs nobody here can view instead? Or indeed help you with.