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Did I handle this right?


So I make keto meal plans with shopping lists. I have on my order form a place to put any foods you dislike or that should not show up in your meal plan, and a place for how many servings you want per recipe.
The client said no seafood, no liver, no brussels sprouts. She said 1 serving.
I deliver.
She comes back with “OMG it’s real food! It looks really good! So please make it 4 servings per recipe and by the way, I don’t like red meat, pork, or white stuff like cream cheese, mayo, sour cream, etc”.
Okay, so you can see why this is an issue. It means changing every single recipe in some way, and having to completely replace 1/2 of the recipes on there with poultry alternatives. And the shopping list, which is super time consuming, would have to 100% be redone from scratch. This would basically mean completely redoing the whole thing because she failed to disclose these things originally, or changed her mind once delivered.
I told her I would change the recipes, put new ones in, but I would not redo the shopping list. I already spent 4 hours on the original plan, and 2 more hours in revision, plus answering the TONS of questions she had. And it’s only $20 (so I’ll only get $16).

I delivered the revised plan without the shopping list - no reply from her yet. Did I handle this right? I’m pretty angry that she expects me to completely redo the whole thing because she failed to disclose things that I specifically asked for, and then on top, changed her mind on the serving size, requiring me to change every single recipe.


I would have told her exactly what you said here and told her she needs to place another order since what she is asking for is a new set of recipes.


Hi @catecholamine. I think you are in a tricky position since you are fairly new, so my advice to you would be different than what I would do personally. I wouldn’t advocate that even a newer user go nuts over an order, so you have to find the right balance for you. When you are trying to get your first 10 reviews and attain level 1, though, sometimes you’ll have to pretty much work for free and then some.

You have to remember that it takes very few bad reviews to push your rating very low in the early stages, and that can mean you make a choice between doing a lot extra, having a serious polite dialogue with the buyer, or just telling them you aren’t the right fit for their task. Some buyers just don’t really think about what they are asking, and if you can use the resolution center to ask for more time while you message back and forth a bit, you can arrive at an understanding. Others will be inflexible and you have to decide what is best.

One you get to higher levels and have enough reviews to absorb some damage, then you really have to gradually tighten up on buyers. You will do so naturally by continually revising your gigs as you go to make sure your revision policies and descriptions are clear.

Past that natural point, you find the place to draw a line. If a buyer comes back to you with a request that will take you hours to do and you are prepared for consequences, my approach would be to be polite and professional but to just send them the price for the revisions they’ve asked for. Some will surprise you and just pay the difference. Many will tell you that they can’t (or won’t) pay that and you can do some negotiating that works for you and them, like a smaller change for a little less extra money.

A few people will try to demand that you do what they want for free. If you have enough good reviews to handle it, sometimes you have to be firm and tell them that you will deliver what they actually ordered, but if they want something more they can place another order. Then you roll with it.


Thank you for the reply. In the end, she left me a positive 5 star review but did note that I was “a little annoyed, but respectful” of her requests. Lol. I was annoyed indeed. But she seems happy with the end result, so I am too. It’s just annoying too because I specifically ask these questions in the beginning so I don’t have this problem! How does someone remember they don’t eat seafood but just forget they don’t like red meat or pork? I don’t know.


Maybe she eats too little protein and it has caused amnesia. :wink:


I don’t know. But I guess it was a compliment (although it be annoying and more work) that she was surprised that my meal plan contained things that sounded so good that instead of just preparing it for herself - she wanted to make it for her whole family. She said she thought it was going to be some grilled chicken breast and steamed green bean affair that her family wouldn’t want to eat. Lol. That sounds miserable but I know a lot of people put meal plans like that out there.
I hope she really loves chicken, though. No red meat, no pork, no seafood. So there’s…poultry. And she didn’t strike me as an adventurous eater, so chicken and turkey it was.

No red meat…maybe some iron deficiency anemia caused memory issues there :wink:


I think you accidentally a health issue there…


So a keto diet with like, most of the normal keto foods out? Fun… I haven’t looked at your gig, but why not just have a generic keto plan as the basic then have a personalized one as an extra with other extras for servings etc? You’d just need to mention in the gig description to inbox if dietary restrictions were an issue (upsells!) and… well, just my two cents.

In other words, get them to tell you their food hates/allergies whatever and point them to an upsell. You could just make a bunch of plans for the most common ones now to save yourself time down the line, but I don’t know exactly how it’s all set up. But I’d want to avoid this tedious, soul-draining situation anyway.


Lol one time I spent forever explaining to a person why I couldn’t make them a truly healthy and complete VEGAN keto meal plan. People ask some odd things, and I can work with a lot of them but I’m not willing to make meal plans for something that will end up nutritionally unbalanced, like vegan keto would unless they agree to use vegan protein shakes. I ended up having to explain to them the difference between incomplete and complete proteins, and how a lot of the incompletes from green veggies need missing amino acids that are primarily found in starches that aren’t keto, so…I think I blew their mind, lol.

I’m still trying to figure out how I should best set it up. I can only put 3 options in at my current rank.
I have a 7 day dinner only plan (not personalized), a 3 day breakfast/lunch/dinner plan (personalized), and a 7 day b/l/d plan (personalized).
I set them up to fit macros based on their height/gender (or if they provide me macros). I also have it so shopping lists come with every plan. I’m definitely considering making the shopping list an extra, because it’s VERY tedious and time consuming.

Right now I’m just worried about making too many changes/upsells and that people will avoid me and go for cheaper, lower quality sellers (because they don’t know how awesome my plans are! Lol), but at the same time, I’m spending lots of time working on these plans and I do want it to kinda be worth it.
So far, I have 7 reviews and all of them 5 stars in everything. I’ve been told by several people who bought from me and others that mine were by far the best keto plans on fiverr - I want people to know mine are worth paying more for, but I don’t know how to do that until I get more reviews.


Ah, the fabulous twigs and berries diet. I would have told this particular vegan that plants scream when you cut them (it’s true! Whether it can be scientifically explained or it’s a fact that that salad is evidence of a plant massacre is very much up to the debater).

It is tricky at lower levels since you don’t have all the options. Best suggestion I’ve got for your longer-term success is to make a whole bunch of plans now. Sure, it’s a lot of work at the start, but you’ll have the plan there to send out with a little twiddling. Since you’re getting rave reviews right now, it’s a strategy that could work. You might even want to make some kind of Excel program or something that automates the thing. I imagine you can do that, but I am hopeless at Excel. I do know you can… macro your macros on it though. So…

Oh, and I’m pretty sure there’s an app out there which can gargle shopping lists out from menus. I just don’t remember what it’s called. it may even do your online shop for you. I mean, that’s outside the scope of the gig, but that would be a neato app to create if it doesn’t exist. You could flog it to people like you and make bank from vegan keto dieters!


The person also asked me dozens of questions about keto, some very odd - she was convinced her eating “keto vegan protein bars” was making her crave sweets - which I said is true because feeding the sweet tooth and not staying low carb enough feeds the cravings - but she was convinced it was because eating one of those a day (with no meat or dairy and tofu once a week) was causing the “protein to tax [her] liver” which was making her crave sweets. Um, what. Like, no. That’s not a thing. Especially when you’re only getting like 30 grams or less of actual complete protein a day. Just, what?

Anyway, I’ve looked around for shopping list makers. All I can find are a few phone apps, but they are very clunky, you have to load the recipe, one by one, from a url. You can’t just pull a batch from a doc file or anything. I’ve looked all over online and I can’t find anything except some expensive paid site and one site that makes them - when you put in each individual recipe, one by one, and only if that recipe can be found in their database (BIG NO on most of them!)

I have a friend who I might ask to program a little something to help me make these. He likes doing free work for friends as some sort of hobby…I dunno. He swears it “makes him happy”.


So make the app! You know there’s a market out there for it which is half the battle.

Your field must be pretty tough, as there’s so many blogs out there espousing the latest diet that are just full of WTF nonsense and of course they come to you–the expert!–and you get to hear their partially digested knowledge.


Dear Cate:

Have I got an episode of Fiverrcast for YOU!

I suggest you check episode 28: Selling Your Service as a Pre-Made Product:

Adam: Hi there and welcome to Fiverrcast, the podcast for sellers, by sellers. I’m Adam AKA Twistedweb123 and today I’m flying solo with special guest Chris AKA Dietmad. Welcome to the show, Chris. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself, today?

Chris: Hello everyone. My name is Chris Overton. I am a seller on Fiverr and I’ve been selling for about – I think about five years and I think – I believe I was one of the first of my kind to sell sort of a diet and a workout kind of plan.

Lots of people do it now but I was one of the originals, yeah. So I started on Fiverr about five years ago and it was mainly to support myself as I’m an actor and I’m very much into fitness and health and I have a very specific way of eating and working out. I thought I could put this into practice. When I first heard about Fiverr back in 2011, I thought, “Oh god, I could definitely do something here.” I kind of want to share my ways of doing things and that’s exactly what I did. So yeah, I live in London and that’s me.

Adam: So when you looked at Fiverr and you kind of looked at the health and fitness side and thought, “I could definitely offer something here,” what did you decide to offer from that?

Chris: First of all, I looked at Fiverr and there was nothing else like what I wanted to sort of do and I work out and I eat a certain way. I had been for a long time before I started to sell my diet plan and my workout plan.

So I wanted to present it in a kind of a fun way that would capture attention. So I just kind of wanted to put what I already did into a kind of plan that was most importantly easy to follow because I believe what I do is easy and fun as well. I still – to this day, I’ve been doing it over 10 years now and I still have a lot of fun doing things the way I do them.

And so on…

Good luck,


Relax, It’s a 5-star. :slight_smile: