Did I just get ripped off?


Last night, I had someone place an order for a voiceover; in the body of the order this person included 2 short scripts for recording.

This morning, I recorded and delivered both scripts, well within the deadline time. The buyer messaged me pretty quickly afterwards and said, "Is there the open disclaimer attached as well?"

I responded shortly after with, "Open disclaimer? I’m not sure what you mean, the only thing I had were the 2 scripts you sent over. If I need to do a disclaimer as well, send it over and I’m happy to do it and get it back to you ASAP!"

Within minutes, the order was cancelled, the money was refunded to the buyer, the user no longer has a profile on Fiverr, and I feel like he or she just got away with two free voiceovers.

In the long run, a piddly $4 isn’t going to break me…but it does leave me feeling vulnerable. What is to stop people from doing this on a regular basis? How easy is it to create accounts, place orders, cancel after delivery, and disable your account? What can I do to protect myself from something like this in the future? It seems like an open door for scamming sellers, which doesn’t sit well with me AT ALL!


This happens every once in awhile. Yes, there are people that cheat and someone can open a free account, order some gigs with a stolen card for example and/or jsut ask for a refund, but it looks like they got found out because their account is banned already.

What you can do to protect yourself, though nothing is 100% is to put a note on each order stating to please contact you before ordering.

If someone does not contact you beforehand you can offer a mutual cancellation from the getgo, but this type of thing is always going to happen once in a blue moon. If it starts happening often, then come back and let’s talk about it more. It’s like if you own your own independent business, once in a blue moon someone might bounce a check kind of thing.


I got an order through my fiver messages. downloaded the pics. did the work, sent it as attached file. There was no ‘to do’ notice. or any other form of 'work complete ’ place to click and upload. There was never even an order number. Is this correct? Is there a better way.



Definitely not the way to do orders, as they just got a free gig from you.

If you receive a request for an order through your messages, when you reply, you can click on the ‘custom offer’ button and let the buyer know that you will be happy to start their project, as soon as they place their order.

Once they order and pay, it will show up as a real order with a to do notice and order number and everything!


This may be the other side of the same coin. I am brand new to Fiverr, or at least first time buyer. Spent a lot of time reading Gig offers, taking notes, vetting, seeing how requests were made, what to expect and following the ratings/comments.

The First Gig I posted was a very clear description of what I needed. 8 responses very fast. It appears 7 of the 8 didn’t read (very short, but specific, if you understand the work) details - answered in very broad terms and possibly not be able to complete the (technical) work. Number 8 did read the request and clearly mentioned they had no experience doing the specific task but would (attempt?) it for 20X Gig. A multiGig would seem approximate, but 20times is a bit much for the work and way too much to pay-to-train the seller. I know the work and also trained to accomplish the task but looking for skilled folks that are honest and qualified to help me “multi-task” and grow.

Second Gig. Spent a crazy amount of time reading offerings, comparing, vetting, etc - and as the seller requested “Inbox me before ordering”. Included with my “Inbox” that my time was flexible for this step of a Gig, acknowledging how busy they seemed to be (Level 2 wit lots of successful Gigs, good rating, and a few jobs “in the works”. 4 days I hear nothing do write again, “understand busy, please acknowledge if you want have received these “in boxes” and if you are interested in the work”. almost another three days an nothing. I thought I chose the Best, judging from the Level, reviews, number of jobs, etc. Hmmmm, wondering if I still want to Fiverr.

I am not the person looking for a way to scam a seller out of 5 bucks (or any amount of Gigs) and do like the idea of tipping. Most likely I will never be a seller but it seems to be very difficult to be a buyer, also. Hope this reflects the “other side of the coin” and will encourage a lot of feedback and comments about seeing both sides.