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Did I just get robbed?


A buyer recently paid me for a script to provide a Morgan Freeman voice over for.

I delivered the order to the customer and didn’t hear back for a few days.

Then I received a request to modify the order with a note from the buyer showing a different script. I tried to contact the buyer, but it turns out that when I clicked on their username, the note “This account is no longer active” appeared on the top of the screen.

I had no choice but to request to cancel.

Does this happen to other people where a buyer will request a modification and then kill their account so that they get a full refund??


Huh, if they are banned and have a order they requested a mod for still open, you cant just redeliver?


I could re-deliver. But I am not going to record a completely new script that they sent me. That would be giving away work for free.


Reply to @elliott22x: If you provided what was originally ordered, you deserve to get paid. Here’s what you can do: Try aborting the cancellation you initiated and re-deliver the exact same file with a note requesting they order a new gig to change the script. They probably won’t answer as it sounds like they’ve been banned. After three days you’ll get your payment.


Reply to @typingservice: Exactly, you did the work, spent the time, no reason to cancel if you can still get paid. Definitely didn’t mean redo the order, it won’t matter anyways if they are banned.


Reply to @accessgirl: Agreed 2x.:slight_smile: Besides, if he cancels that refund money is just going to Fiverr La La Land because the customer has no access to it if he’s banned. In that case, the banned buyer would have to wait at least 45-90 days to even request the money, and even then, have to jump through hoops by sending identity info. For a small amount of money, most people wouldn’t bother. So, in essence he would just be giving all the money to Fiverr. Which is obviously not fair either since he did provide the service.


Thanks for the advice and explanations folks! I appreciate it.


You’re welcome! I hope you got your money. :slight_smile: