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Did I just quit my job to join Fiverr?


Am I crazy?
Then why did you quit your job?
Let me start from the beginning. I graduated from media studies and I worked as a community manager but I got tasks like for a Social media manager, office manager, assistant manager and well, it was a lot of ad hocs things I had to do. I lost motivation and the drive and i just got frustrated. Now that I’m jobless I’m actually more happy than before.

I can do anything in photoshop, illustrator, videoeditor. I can design any logo (flyer, business card) you can think of and really things around a camera and everything around it, is my passion and on top of that, i KNOW how to use social media! Even though I’m not currently making money, I am happy.

What is your story behind joining fiverr?


Well, yes, most people would argue that you are crazy to quit a stable job to become a freelancer. Freelancing is one of the must unstable of jobs in existence. It isn’t easy to maintain, it isn’t easy money, and there is no guarantee of sales here on Fiverr. The Fiverr sellers who succeed are also the most motivated – motivated to self-market, determined to do all the non-glamorous work of building a service and reputation. It’s a heck of a lot of work. And it may take a while to find your stride.

I wish you luck here, I just hope you’re willing to do the building before you can reach the earning.


I joined fiverr because i was looking for a native speaker who can edit and read my book before i publish it. Then i stayed on fiver because i did the illustrations to my book and after checking out the art section, i thought i might be able to get to work on interesting projects and maybe also books of other people as well. I too did quit my full time job, because it was a shiftjob and a very unhealthy environment physically and mentally. Apparently nothing much else that i can get with my education here, but 3 out of 7 people in my shift got cancer(no joke!), so it was an easy decision for me. I now hope i can make a few bucks here sometimes so that i can work a bit less and focus on refining my art skills…maybe they pay off some day. I really whish for you to stay happy and successful on fiverr! I know how liberating it feels when you finally say “Nope.” and quit your job. :slight_smile:


Yes you’re crazy, but don’t worry, whos not, so you’re not alone, so keep calm and do your best.

My story behind joining Fiverr? Because Fiverr’s cool :sunglasses:


I didn’t quit my job, I was actually sacked. In the first place, what I really wanted is to do what I want, and that’s by doing it as a freelancer.

So maybe that makes me crazy.

First, because I really wanted to have some sort of normalcy when it comes to what I do for a living, and it includes doing the thing you love most, which in my case is transcription, translation, and other writing work; with further interests in other media work. Secondly, I need a job, but being an employee, while it gives you financial security, sucks.

I’m very frustrated that I have to do all this on my own and that I have to relearn and update myself since the skills I learned during my college program was never developed as I had a very different career.

I do hope this commiseration would make myself a better man doing his hard day’s work.

By the way, this is also my first day on Fiverr.

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Hi, glad to see another crazy Fiverr user like me, I have joined Fiverr in 2018 but never used, and this is my 2nd day on Fiverr with one gig, and I am thankful to those friends who have motivated me to join Fiverr. I am very hopeful that I will get some positive response, but for this, I need to work hard. I am a graphics designer in 2D and 3D, but still, I am learning. :heart: :crossed_fingers:

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To my experience school never teaches you something to a deep level. They will introduce you into the problematics / skills whatever and you have to do most of the learning by yourself. For example, I am a camera junkie (both photos and videos) and I went to media studies thinking that I will develop my skillset, but the only thing i’ve learned was that I was doing it right :smiley:

I’m happy im not the only one!

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Heh, Good luck on your journey! :four_leaf_clover:

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