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Did I just wasted $25 dollars. Please Help!

So here is the story. I bought a service, explained what I wanted, and seller says it will cost $75. I don’t want to do my logo job for $75 so I try to cancel the order, and he doesn’t cancel. He produces a “dumbed down” version of what I want. Completely useless.

Now he just send me a piece of crap and expects me to pay $25 dollars when its not even close to my description! Is there anyway around this or is he just pulling my leg to get $25 dollars. I have been saying from the beginning to cancel the order so I can move on to a serious person that will do my order for less. Sellers name: ******

Hmm,but this seller doesn’t have any logo designing gig,why you placed $25 logo order to him?+naming name is against fiverr TOS

you can continue to cancel order or contact CS

Your best bet is to contact Customer Support and explain what went down along with screen caps of your exchange and what was delivered so they can better assist.

you should go customer support and if you need any ****** you can [not buy from a spammer like me]

If your image is too complicated, it was expensive.

Expensive goods have expensive prices.
It needs to be noted, so that you are not in lying to the seller

If it all goes down like that, and the seller refuses cancellation to the bitter end. Then just give him/her a rating he/she deserves, in your case, a 1 star probably. That way your money won’t be wasted, and I’m sure that seller will be the one ranting over that bad review.

Tip: Next time, never ever place an order directly, contact the seller first and explain your instructions, budget, and timeframe thoroughly and carefully. This way you will know how the seller communicates.

Well you should have contacted the seller before you placed the order. And yes more complex designs cost a lot more. But as it is clear that you do not want to work with him and he does not want to give you back your money. You shoudl contact customer support. And if they fail to helo you then your last resort would be to threaten the seller with a bad review. Im sure he will give you a refund aftee that.

Sounds like a bad experience, but I’m sure you’ve learnt a lot from this experience if nothing else! Hope it gets resolved for you.

The best tip for buyers is: Always contact sellers first before making an order. Your money will be refunded if you contact CC.

Read the TOS and FAQ, helps, just a tad, LOL.