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Did I Lose My First Job

Hello, I am new to Fiverr. I had someone contact and request my email address so that their manager could contact and discuss what they needed. Is this allowed? I ask them to contact me through Fiverr and to select the gig they were interested in. I’ve not heard back from them. Did I lose my first job or was what I did correct?


Unfortunately, your lack of confidence (and your lack of knowledge of what’s right/wrong) shows that you haven’t read the ToS. I URGE you to thoroughly go through Fiverr’s Terms of Service as it explains all the Do’s and Don’ts of this platform in great detail. You wouldn’t be asking these questions had you read the ToS.

Not going through/abiding by the ToS while working on Fiverr-related stuff WILL inadvertently put you at risk of receiving a ToS warning/account suspension/permanent ban.

The ToS clearly states that Fiverr users are neither allowed to share any personal information/contact details with others nor communicate with other Fiverr users off of Fiverr.


You didn’t loose a job. People who are asking you to communicate outside of fiverr are breaking fiverr tos and most likely scammers. I usually report and block them right away.