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Did it in 10 months!

Hey everyone!
I am proud to announce, that today I finished my second goal on Fiverr. First one was to earn $100 in single month, and now I just completed 100th order!! :blush::blush: It took me 10 month (fun fact: 10 month * $10 average price =100 orders), but it’s done and my message to all ne sellers is: “Keep up good work and you will see results sooner or later!”. Now my next goal will be 1000 completed orders and higher average price as I still put way to much time into each design. So you probably won’t hear from me for some time, but lets hope to see you soon. :grinning:



Well done. Think about changing your targets though. Getting to 1,000, 10,000, or 100,000 orders will happen anyway if you just sit and keep on working. Set yourself goals like, ‘I’m going to make 2K this month.’ It doesn’t matter if you fail. You will develop your skills further by trying harder to succeed in the first place.


Welcome of your success… I am happy & inspired by you
I am waiting for my 1st order, can you share some tricks for me?


Thank you! :wink: Interesting point, I really should get money goals not # of orders as only that way I can raise my price per work hour. :wink:

Thank you! :slight_smile:
About tricks, I can’t really tell you anything new. For learning, you can spend hours and hours on forum as there are 1000s of useful treads. For selling, I can just say be online, send offers and you will get it sooner or later. In my experience, I joined in december and I got my first order in January, when I was very lucky that I got the order from someone who was in hurry and I delivered more than he expected. Then it picked up. :wink: Still, I don’t have orders everyday (something to work on), but I’m getting experience. :wink:


Wow CONGRATS!! What is your next goal? :smile: :tada::tada::tada::tada:


Thank you! :wink: Well, I will probably focus on specific number of money earned in one month and raising price per hour of my work. :wink:

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Thank you, really appreciated! :slight_smile:

Awesome man! Did you start off with $5 gigs and when did you start to increase them to $10? Each of my gigs would usually take me 6-12 hours and it’s quite painful to get $5 for it, but I enjoy doing what I do very much though.

Congrats… i wish to get more order to achieve your goal

congrats !! enjoy and have a blast

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Congratulations, and thank you for providing your experience.

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