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Did Learn from Fiverr courses Help boost your sales?

Planning to take a few digital marketing course but really tight on money. Just wondering if its worth the cash to get the course. Does the badge helps convert more? Anyone experienced any boost in sales?


Courses will teach you more about a subject, but they do not guarantee that you will suddenly convert more, or gain more sales. You still have to do the work to connect with your customers, and build your reputation as a great freelancer. There are no shortcuts to success.


I am a level 2 seller and got pretty strong profile. Just wondering if having that badge from fiverr has helped anyone get more sales than normal.

Like I said, there are no shortcuts to success. The course may have improved your knowledge on a subject (which you can use to improve your service) but it does not guarantee that you will suddenly get more orders. That’s not how business, the world, or Fiverr works. You still have to be a businessman and freelancer to make that happen. You still need to reach out and connect to your target customers if you want to earn more sales.


Are you meaning this part from the original post about ‘Learn’?
Turning earned skills into business growth

Not only will freelancers learn the skills they need to succeed, but those who have taken the courses and passed the final exams will be recognized on theFiverrplatform by having exclusive badges for their completed courses placed on their profile page. They will also see an improvement to their overall ranking on the platform, potentially leading to additional sales and ultimately business growth.

I can understand why you’re asking if anyone has seen the implied business growth mentioned in the post. :slightly_smiling_face:


yes exactly. just wondering if any sellers actually experienced that


Do you know the meaning of “bait”? :wink:

If A needs money and B needs sales, then “hope” must be used as the factor to make B get attracted to A :wink:


What? You mean that:
They will also see an improvement to their overall ranking on the platform, potentially leading to additional sales and ultimately business growth.
might not actually be true? :scream:

Just as well the OP asked for others’ opinions. :wink:


Is there anything showing sellers overall ranking on the platform improved after completing a course?
eg. stats improving (impressions/views/clicks) even if sales didn’t.

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Yeah, sorry, maybe I’m being to harsh… :joy:

So… improve… let’s see. Say, from page 20 to page 10? :thinking:

Potentially leading… What a nice pair of words, in fact, beautiful :frowning_face:

Business growth… I’m thinking & thinking & thinking and… :roll_eyes: :pleading_face:

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That would be useful, and sounds exactly like the sort of info the OP’s asking about, as it is an implied benefit of paying for and taking a course on Fiverr, as opposed to a similar, but cheaper one elsewhere, even if it’s actually the same course.


I guess it helps cause I got my first order followed by a second order a day after I completed the course however I shared the gigs on my social media as well so I am not sure but I guess it gives a bit of credibility to the seller. Also I have completed 5 orders on fiverr and have been in the platform for 40 days now. So maybe it does maybe it does not but the passion towards what you do is important. :slight_smile:
P.S - I am talking about the online freelancing essential course that is free of cost.