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Did my task but the buyer says I didn't, what to do?

I did a task: configuring a WordPress plugin from CodeCanyon and setting it up with Stripe so that buyer can accept subscriptions.

After I did that the buyer said I did nothing and deletes the plugin from his website. Doing so his website crashed and bunch of errors show up.

Now he requests that I do it all again?

For me to do it all again I first have to fix his website, which I do not wanna do.

Did you have any similar bad experience with a buyer? Did you still got payed? How did it end up?

If you have evidence, show it to Customer Support alongside details. If a buyer has deliberately sabotaged your work to escape paying, then they need to be reported for being asshats.

Thanks for the answer emmaki,
I did, I’ve sent the ticket to the support staff along with about 8 screenshots of his website before and after my work, as well as a few screenshots of the Stripe dashboard showing that the test payment after my setup were successful.

Is there a way for me to report such a person so that other fiverr sellers don’t have to go thru the same thing I did with him?

It’s not allowed on Forum Rules, so not really. This kind of scammer isn’t very good at it, so I would imagine they will be banned, or at least build up a track record (if not already) and be banned in future. Smart thinking to keep screenshots–you never know when you might need them!

Well, you better be clear while explaining the technical aspect of it to customer support, most people aren’t coders.

The buyer keeps requesting cancellation and redelivering, is there something I can do about it? He does it every 5 minutes, it’s annoying…