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Did not deliver initial concepts, help!

I made an order for a logo and the seller sent a final product (late) but not the 3 initial concepts like it had said in the order details. He also didn’t include some of my design requests, I specifically ordered the standard package so I would have the 3 concepts… I’m not sure what to do. Any tips?

You can ask for revision if the buyer include it.

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You should definitely reach out to your seller first with a revision reminding them that you ordered a package with 3 concepts and not one.
If they will refuse to do so you can go to support team as your seller didn’t deliver what they promise they would in their gig description


You should ask for a revision anyway when you don’t get what the package includes.

Otherwise people could deliver terrible, inadequate work and then say “Sorry! No revisions.”

Yes, so true, I don’t really like to offer services customers won’t appreciate.

Although, mistakes do happens that is why I always include a review on my gig so as to correct any issues with my order.

Thank you, I’ll do that!