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Did not found any buyer Request

hey there I am confuse that i don’t see any buyer request since i open the fiver account why there is no buyer request in that list


Hey @najfi786. The trick about buyers requests is they don’t just pop up on your screen always. You have to refresh the page as often as you deem fit.

Meanwhile, you want to check that your gig(s) is/are viable, meaning they are actually needed by buyers. So, check the gig of other (successful) people in your niche and tweak your gig accordingly.


thanks for suggestion i do whatever you told me again thanks

Refresh your buyer request page often you will get the buyer request sometime. Also remember some time they will appear for few minutes.

o it means that i have to stick on the web page

Yes, Try to refresh in every 10 minutes or 20 mins

ok and how about gigs how to make a gig eye catching

i have a question
how can i make my gig unique and eye catching?

I do not like to repeat myself, but in this post, I have some information that many new sellers do not know, and it does affect them.

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yeah very frustrating

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