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Did not Get Any Order from a Week...!

Hi to All…

Guys i have started some gigs since a week ago. These Gigs based on Content Writing and Backlinks Services. But i did not get any order. I received More then 60 impression and 26 views including 6 clicks. But still i do not get order. Is there any Technical Issue or something else which i need to improve in my Gigs ?

Here are the urls of my gigs…

and please give me some suggestions to get more orders and more visibility of my gigs as i don’t have any other source of income except, One of my friend told me about this.

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. !!!

14 views but not any reply … is there anyone who can help me ?


Typical conversion rate is around 1-2% So for every 100-200 people who click you will get normally a sale.

Also sometimes the first sale can takes weeks.

Hope this helps