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Did not get any review?

Last 2 month i get two order and six buyer response, I have complete the two order but i did not get any review. I think for the new seller review can change the gig rang.

Buyers are not required to leave reviews, nor do sellers deserve them. Reviews are 100% voluntary. If you don’t earn a review on one order, be a great seller worthy of one in your next order. Accept what you are given; don’t complain that you cannot have what you want.


Hi there @sakil870, No worries, as long you receive a 5-star rating that’s fine, reviews are a good thing indeed, but a 5-star rating is even better. I have 8 orders in two months and only 4 reviews, so 50/50. I think that’s a normal thing. Not all clients have time to sit and write you a review, even though they very satisfied with your work. Keep doing your awesome work and you’ll see reviews showing up on your platform. Good luck…

Warmly, Humberto


@hum_on_the_go Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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@jonbaas Thank You…

Np, you’re welcome!! Good luck!!

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