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Did Not Get Order :(


Hello I am a WordPress Developer… I did Not Get Order From 4 months… Can Some One Help Me ?


It takes time, you just have to be patient. Maybe lower your prices.


Its across the board, not just in your niche; be patient, check your gigs, and review or edit them


Initial stage, have patience.


use social network for start


This may sound harsh, but it’s intention is to help you get orders.

  • You build websites. Why don’t you have any pictures of any websites you’ve done? You have stock images taken from Google. What message about effort are you giving to your potential buyers.
  • The English on your gig is inconsistent. There are capitals where there shouldn’t be, and some of the sentences don’t make sense. Again, what is this telling buyers?

There is a lot of competition in your category. You need to stand out from the others. Your gig looks as if there was minimal time and effort put into it and that is what I take away as a buyer. I would recommend looking at other gigs to see what your competitors charge, their descriptions, and samples. DO NOT COPY THEM, rather get ideas on how to improve your page.

EDIT: I just noticed that you are using almost all images that are copyrighted and owned by someone else. This is a violation of Fiverr’s TOS. I would recommend removing them asap.


How long one should wait to have their first order?
even after getting good clicks not able to get any order, can you please help me know more about the work ethics on Fiverr.


Change your profile description, doesn’t sound good. Some negative / less confident looks like.

Specially you have mentioned " as of now you will visit my profile" - that doesn’t give great value addition. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am just giving my thought.

Be bold and confident while creating your own Gig. Remember it goes to entire World and you are impressing some one who doesn’t know you. Buyer will come and view your profile with different intension and will have hardly few seconds to get impress on your skillset.

So think accordingly and do some creative narration.


thanks a lot
this will be a great help.


You need to make new gig and it will make unique


don’t give up brother!


Hey OKWorld,

Start with a gig in a super-niche topic, like “WordPress Divi Theme Troubleshooting”. After you get some reviews and orders, you change the topic of the gig to something broad, like “WordPress theme installation”. Even though you changed the name and description, the reviews are still for that gig. Then, that gig has reviews even if no-one ordered it for that title.

Hope that helps!