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Did not geting orders through gigs

I got my first order with 5-star rating along with Tip
after that am getting few orders with buyer request but question is that I didn’t got any order through my gig although my gig got some views should I keep changing in my gig or that is normal?

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I’m more or less going through the same thing. When you don’t have many reviews people aren’t likely to buy it when they see it on their research page, but it sometimes works when you sell yourself and pitch your gig through the buyer requests section.
To answer your question, maybe both, maybe your gig isn’t perfect but I think the main reason for not getting orders early on is the lack of reviews, which leads to a lack of trust from the potential buyer.
Keep hitting those buyer requests to stack up reviews.


I see you have other skills why not make some gigs to showcase those.


I experienced this when I first started. It takes time to build up your reviews. Buyer requests are great to put yourself in front of the buyer. Don’t worry, once you build up some ratings you will see orders come in from your gigs.

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i got 3 reviews on my gig with 5 star rating

Yeh I saw that but that’s not enough to convince most people to buy apparently. My wild guess is that you need 10-20 reviews minimum for people to start being convinced of the quality of your gig. It’s a numbers game :wink:

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