Did not got any order since long time


I have 7 gigs and i got 9 orders in 2 months but after that i did not get any order since log time can you please see my account and suggest me wit your advise please ?


Our advice is not going to guarantee that you get any orders. The only thing we can help with is making your gig look better. YOU are still responsible for your orders and success.

What are YOU doing to market and promote your gigs?


You should online atleast 24/7 and also must see your gig impression and views check its increasing or not.If its not increasing so you should do something for that.
When your gig will be on first page then your will get direct message from clients and then your gig impression and views will be up so make your gig look nice and if you are beginner then your price should be less then your seniors
Any other help you need
Let me know


Your Advice Is Really Help For Me
Thanks For Your Kind Information ,


I am doing nothing to market and promotion i stay online every time and i maximum use available now option and i regularly send buyer requests what you what should i do further apart from all this ??


yes impressions are increasing please take a look at my account and please guide me if you can thanks


That’s the problem. At the beginning Fiverr gave you a boost meaning they showed your gigs on the first pages in search. Now that you’ve made some sales it’s your turn to promote your gigs.

Staying online might help you, but I’m usually online 4-6h a day and I still get orders.
Bidding on buyer requests might help, but I bid usually on 2-3 requests a week and I get enough work from these. I only bid on bigger projects and I don’t send any template responses.


so what would you suggest me ?? how should i market my gigs ?? kindly guide me the proper way to market my gig thanks