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Did not Receive my Payoneer Card, and I can't log in!

I ordered my card back in December I believe, and it’s now into February, but my card is not here. I emailed them with my email address, Fiverr username, and asked how I can find out how to fix this with their help. No one replied, and it’s been a week since I emailed them that.

So I tried to log in on their site, but forgot my password so I clicked on the link for that. I entered my email address and birthday, but then it asked for the last four digits of my card or account…I do not have a card to enter information about it, and I don’t have a bank account right now (so PayPal is not an option)!

I cannot for the life of me figure out where to go from here. Do I email them again? Do I find a way to cancel the card I never got and order another one from here (if so, how)? Or should I sell some stuff in person and open a bank account and just try for PayPal sometime soon? :frowning:

Please help! This would be my only source of income, and while I love working on here, I am very sad about the payment issues…

Hi @mrspopplewell. I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. Can you please send me in PM your reference number so I can see what I can do to assist?