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Did not receive order after asking for revisions

I still haven’t got my order after asking for revisions (what is stipulated) with requests given in attachments. What do I do? Where do I go to report it? Payment already made.

You can either try and communicate with your seller but if you feel like this isn’t going anywhere you can also cancel the order (open the order and click on “Resolution Center” there you can issue a cancellation request). You can also contact customer support for assistance.

It really depends on what is going on. You haven’t given enough information to answer. You may have to communicate with the seller depending on the circumstances. In a normal order process, the seller would deliver your order and you click the button to request revisions/modifications. The seller then has to re-deliver to get the order complete and get paid. You do pay up front, but the seller doesn’t get the funds until the order is marked complete and a clearance period passes.

What stage is your order in? What did the seller say to you about the revisions?