Did not updated my earnings


I am a new user in fiverr and I have delivered my first work. But the earning was not updated yet. Is there anything that customer have to do to receive my fee from the fiver?


After complete order you can earn not after delivery


I don’t see a ‘recent delivery’ on your profile.

Did you do your work through an order or a message?

Added - looks as if it may be related to your previous question?


No he placed an order and I delivered him the completed work.


Okey dokey - if the buyer doesn’t leave a review and complete the order, it’ll auto-complete after 3 days, and you’ll be able to withdraw your earnings 14 days after that.

Good luck! :sunny:


Yeah I saw that it says that the order will complete in 3 days but it was delivered 3 days go and still my earnings is not updated.


3 days isn’t exact - it might be closer to 4 etc. - depends on time zones.

If it doesn’t update soon, please contact CS. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay… Thank you for advising me…:grinning:


once the order is completed then you will have it in your monthly earning & will take 14 days to clear your funds for withdraw