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Did not want to issue feedback under username

I purchased a service and left a positive review last week, but I did not want the feedback public as it shows my (old) Fiverr username under the review, which includes my actual name. I’m pretty sure I checked a box saying not to make it public.

I have since disabled that account as Fiverr does not allow you to change usernames, and I created my current account. However, the review still shows up under my old username even though the account was disabled. I would like to leave a positive review, but not under that username. Can Fiverr replace the old username in the review even though that account is now disabled?

Thank you

As far as we know if you decide to leave a review any review will be public (unless it’s a survey that you need to fill that fiverr sends in the email)
About “not public” that probably was not publishing the work that was done for you in the sellers portfolio

And unfortunately reviews can not be removed but you still can reach out to fiverr and ask them and they might be able to help you manually.


They can only remove feedbacks, not replace them. And feedbacks are typically removed only if they violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

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I have a hard time believing they can’t simply do a manual override in this case and replace the username or delete the review and I’ll redo it. Seems a bit ridiculous.

That checkbox is only for choosing if you’re fine with the portfolio sample (a jpg, png, or similar file) a seller sent you to be publicly visible or not. The review you leave will be public either way (after that first, public, review, there is a second, private review section (at least, there was, when I last left a review) which is only for Fiverr’s eyes).
I’m pretty sure the portfolio image checkbox does say what it does, but if it gave you the impression you could make the review itself non-public by unchecking it, maybe tell support so, don’t know if they can/would delete your review but maybe they could add some words to make clear to everyone that the review itself will be public either way if it’s submitted.


You certainly wouldn’t be able to redo it, because you didn’t make the purchase with this account.


I have proof that I made the purchase. The review will be exactly the same. I’m simply not seeing why this isn’t feasible. There’s no gaming of the system here - just a simple change in the handle.

Hello, they keep a hands off policy on reviews usually. It’s probably not going to matter to anyone else what name you used though so don’t worry about it. No one you know will see it and no one pays any attention to the names on reviews unless they have way too much time on their hands.

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It shows up under a Google search. All it takes is a simple search of my name, and someone will see it.

Whilst I understand this is something you’d like to resolve, the user forum is exactly that - a forum of users of the platform. Ultimately, you’re going to have to take this up with Customer Support.

This makes zero sense. Firstly, why would someone reading a positive review you left for a seller be an issue? What harm can this do to your reputation? Secondly, the chances of anyone caring are zero. Sellers receive several reviews. Likely, yours will be buried in a matter of days or weeks, depending on how busy the seller is.

Lastly, anyone can create a Fiverr account and say “well, I used to have another account, and I would not like to change reviews I left for sellers using it.” - That poses a review manipulation risk.

There are lots of people in the world with the same first and last name. Unless your review includes specific personally identifiable information, the chances of it being connected back to you are tiny.

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My username and last name are not common at all. If you Google my personal email address, it will show up. It was a problem in the past.

I have all the proof in my email of the purchases including correspondence and receipts, so I don’t know why having a different account would be a problem. Had I known this would not have changed the username, I would not have disabled the account.

How will someone discover your personal email address? Who cares that you bought something on Fiverr?

How? And if this is the case, why did you not take this action then?

In either case, if you are so concerned, forget about anything to do with reviews. Contact Fiverr via email and say that you would like to file a GDPR subject access request on your old account and this one. Then inform them that you would like to request deletion of any and all personal identifiable information held on you and published on the site.

If you are an EU citizen, that should fix that. If not, you will have to petition Fiverr using whatever privacy laws are applicable in your area.

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You could create a support ticket and explain everything to them. They might remove the review (but most likely not change it to your new account), if you explain that it includes personally identifiable information and you’d like it removed. If it doesn’t come under the Fiverr terms of service, that includes things like "To protect our users’ privacy, user identities are kept anonymous. "you could ask for it to be removed under data protection laws or the GDPR like cyarex suggested.

This is sort of paranoid to think someone would care what you left a review for. What I mean is I think you are worried about this when it’s not worth worrying about. I suppose you could ask customer support but even if someone does google your name and see that review it will probably stay in google for a week or less.

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It will probably depend on how frequently the seller gets reviews on that gig. If the gig page is showing reviews from a month ago it might take at least a month before it no longer shows in search results for that page. If the seller has left a review on the buyer’s profile it will probably be a lot easier to see after someone searches for the buyer’s name and then clicks the link to their Fiverr profile.