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Did Quarantine due to COVID-19 Impacts your selling?

Hi, Greeting’s to Everyone.

I hope all of you are doing very well keep your stream at its peck (Stay Home & Stay Safe)


I have a General Question for everybody who would delight to tells us about the Quarantine Selling as Seller.

Share with us about how was your Selling going on Fiverr due to Covid-19. Hope you having an amazing day & wish you all the Best : )

Regards, Ossama Mehmood (SAM)


Why not join in the conversation here: No sales at all, Maybe (COVID-19) is the reason? :(


we shall overcome this situation,surely bounce back with strong in fiverr community also

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Yup, But I was asking about everyone’s Experience in General till know due to Covid-19. :slightly_smiling_face: :v:t3:



Yup : ) that’s true :slightly_smiling_face: :heartbeat:


It hasn’t changed my work quality at all. I don’t need to ship anything physically, and doing things online is even easier now with so many more people being at home on their computers.

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No usually My services are all home based work at home.

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not really, now at fiverr I have had more work and more clients!

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That’s Great Wish you a Good Luck!

That’s Great too : )

Woe Awesome Keep it up : )