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Did someone say "video chat"?

Looks like they just started rolling out a video chat feature! :slight_smile:

Anyone tried it?

EDIT: The button does nothing for now. :frowning:
It returns an error message.


Maybe a Pro thing, or for sellers who may have the need for Video Chat? :thinking:

I was just notified by my SM that this is a private, limited Pro sellers roll out.


Thank God…

IRL I’ve experienced no benefit from video chat. It usually works like:

Buyer: Hi, we are X and we are looking for a skilled writer to work with long term. Because this is an on going project, we’d really like to arrange a video call to discuss. Is this possible?

Me: Sure. (Exchange details. - Not on Fiverr)

Buyer: (During chat.) We really like your samples. This is our website. We’re looking for 1 - 2 articles per day. All need to include meta descriptions, be 700-words in length, and have a Flesch–Kincaid readability score of 70 or higher.

Me: This wouldn’t be a problem, All my content is optimized for Yoast as standard.

Buyer: Ok, that’s great. So, our budget for this will be $4 per article, payable in 2 x monthly installments made via direct bank transfer

Me: Sorry, my minimum prices start at $15 per article. I wouldn’t be able to help you with anything lower and I do not accept payment via direct bank transfer.

Buyer: Well, that’s a lot more than we were expecting. We can possibly go as high as $5 per article. However, our staff writers are only paid $6 and we will need your bank details and you to sign a contract…

In short, it’s only ever resulted in information phishing attempts and/or clients who advertise projects in the $200 - $500 price range, using video calls to talk about how important they are, before a big reveal that they only pay freelancers using runner beans.

Alternatively, potential clients use video chats to try and get free consultations. How does SEO work? Please take a look at my site and tell me why I’m not getting traffic etc.

The idea of having buyers on Fiverr requesting video calls strikes me as appealing as skinny dipping in a shark tank.

Of course, if I was a buyer looking to buy from a Pro, I might expect to be able to chat in person. In this case, good luck being a lab rat. :slight_smile: Hopefully, it works out for you. Will you be increasing your prices, though, to compensate for the extra work managing client communications?


I’m glad it’s just for Pro’s, let them deal with all the issues that will arise from it. As cyaxrex said, it will be people trying for free consultations, which will be the least of the problems.


Great!..i noticed it now…but i am glad it is not active…i don’t think it is required.

I thought it was only on Pro gigs and you are not a pro seller? :thinking:

Every perv on the internet would see it as an opportunity…particularly when we have children as young as thirteen here.

My entire experience with video chats is: best case scenario is the conversation is so unproductive you end up exchanging detailed emails after that anyway. Worst case scenario — the gentleman on the other end doesn’t have his pants on. So thank you but no.


Only a seller can initiate a call, and only after an order has been placed.

The buyer isn’t even aware the feature is there, only if I choose to push the button, if I find it necessary.

So I think they did put some thought into this. :slight_smile:

I’m sure they will become aware of it fast enough and demand it. Honestly it’s a magnet for all types of perverts.

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Not if you all keep quiet about it - nobody’ll know then! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh I see, it will be kept a secret. :roll_eyes: I think people must be terribly naive to think this is a good idea. Well let’s see how it goes for Pros, maybe they won’t get the type of buyer who would use it for something other than what it’s intended for.

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Maybe the extra feature was only meant for Pros to know about, not for public consumption?

Would any of the rest of us even need to know it existed if we’re not Pro?

Well we would if we buy from a Pro. This won’t be a secret, why would anyone think that?

Only if the Pro themselves initiated it - not from the buyer’s end.

Don’t you realize buyers will demand it? Pros will put it in their descriptions! How naive can people be? This is the internet. You surely know what’s out there?

it’s in Beta and it’s Pro only.

Nobody can demand it from anybody else.

Why can’t a buyer demand it? Come on. Women will be targeted.

Because only Pros have it. If you’re not a Pro you can’t do it.