Did something change with reviews this week?


I used to have 90-95% of my clients leave reviews at the same time as they marked my order as complete. None of the last 4 left any reviews, though it appears all were happy. Did something change with the view of their completed/ review page or is this a weird fluke?


Yes, there was a change in how the order completion works but my experience of it has been very different - I see a marked INCREASE in number of reviews. The new layout is simpler and easier to complete.
I have heard others report a decrease or some who complete without leaving a review and I believe the Fiverr development team are checking it out.


Yes, a lot of things have changed! Now a buyer can mark your order without leaving a review if he want to before it was not possible.


Only 20% leave reviews this week.


Sometimes I wish I could see what the buyer sees because I’m amazed how many get confused by the delivery process. When a customer tells me they don’t see where to give feedback I scratch my head and wonder why? I even had customers comment “hey you did a great job – 10 stars” but never rate me using the Fiverr rating system. Oh well, life goes on as usual in the world of Fiverr.


:lollipop:…Lol… I wish too. Is it possible now? I wonder if there has an option to check that from sellers end.


You can buy a $5 gig and then you will get a service and see what it’s like on the other end. That’s what I did. I bought a $5 reiki session from a friend.


Some buyers get so puzzled by the review process. It becomes this huge deal for them. First, it’s some kind of obligation that they do some work.
Second, it’s a powerful feeling to have some measure of publicly judging someone, a new experience. Third, they have to make not one but three separate decisions about those stars.

Others are able to see it for what it is and not take it so seriously.


Was it higher or lower?


There has been a change in the completion of the project and the review system as far as I can see.

-Buyer would accept the files and get them.
-Order would complete after 3 days automatically and then get to the Pending Clearance tab.

-Buyer accepts the project, gets the files.
-Notification pops up that the client completed the project. The funds go in the Pending Clearance tab.
-If they leave a review, another notification pops up.

In other words, even if we don’t get reviews, we can see when the clients complete the project and get the files. Most of the orders were completed automatically before.


Actually, it was possible not to leave a review before. I have been here since July 2017 and have had buyers accept the order without leaving a review. :wink:


Oh! But I too had ordered many items but I thought leaving review marks it complete or we have to wait 3 days to automatically wait for completion.


Buyers can accept an order without leaving a review. I had a seller do less than a stellar job so I accepted the order, but did not review it. :neutral_face: