Did the fiverr service fee really have to double?


Did the fiverr service fee really have to double??

Charge buyer $2 when leaving $5 tips

I don’t know, you’d have to ask the people who doubled it.

Before people panic, I wanted to add that it ‘only’ doubled for buyers from $1 to $2 for orders up to $40 but from then on, it’s still 5% as before.

And seller fees are still 20%.


Double is a lot regardless were or how!! Double the price of gasoline and see what happens!


You know, I really thought it did especially when I read it in the updated TOS and from a discussion regarding such but I just bought a gig recently and it was still 5% regardless of price. The processing fee was $1 for a $5 gig. Perhaps it’s going to be implemented soon and it was more of a heads up? I’m not sure…


I know, that’s why I put the ’ ’ around ‘only’. That comparison wouldn’t apply to the price of gasoline doubling but the tax on it, though.

It’s in the May ToS update, but nobody knew the exact date, so perhaps.


I just saw that it doubled while leaving a tip. I ended up cancelling. There should really be no fee for leaving a tip.


I read in another thread on the Forum that if you use the :moneybag: in earnings account you are not charged the fee. Maybe the increase has something to do with what Fiverr is charged by PayPal and so on. :thinking:


Yes, I was trying it out not using my earnings – meaning my earnings are at 0 and it charged me through Paypal, [during time of the original thread discussion it still charged $1], however, I just checked a few moments ago and it now does charge $2. Hehe.


Double the price of gasoline and a tank of gas goes from $50 to $100. Double fiverr’s fee and a gig goes from $6 to $7. Really?


It’s more of a apples to oranges situation but it is a worthwhile question to answer. Have other sites started charging $2 as well?


Not sure, but the question was flawed. Instead of saying the gas price doubles, maybe more accurate to portray as the 10 cent gas tax doubles. I just like precise terms, that’s just me.


Never change Mike, never change.


I realize that being very very, very precise when choosing words is not a trendy thing. Glad you are old skool.


The service fee doubled from $1 to $2 not sure how much more accurate you want it?? I never said anything about the job cost.


10 cents per gallon @newsmike? Is that low? :red_car:

In Italy, the fuel duty for one liter of petrol is $0.85, the VAT $0.33.
One gallon (3.785 liters) has a fuel duty of $3.2 and $1.25 of VAT.


Here pacquo is the US gas taxes per state. The Federal tax is around 18 cents and then each state has its own tax added to that.


You referenced the price of gas doubling. Wouldn’t that equate more to the price of a service, than the ancillary and very small tax or processing fee associated with it?


No it is higher here, but I was just grabbing a number from thin air to illustrate the silliness of the argument being put forward.


If the foundation crumbles, the house collapses on top of us.

Why is fiverr charging higher as processing fee?

who cares about the gas comparison!! The price of the fee doubled that is it the subject it was never about the gas! Just to make you super smart people realize there is no service fee on GAS…LOL.