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Did the forum get an update?

I can’t find any thread regarding this.

The forum seems different to me. Did it get an update?

Hello. I am trying to contact you regarding a product that was created. You have privacy enabled. Someone is asking for a reference. I would like to point them at your profile, but it is blocked. Thank you.

They got kicked off Fiverr, look for another seller.

hope update new feature that help new seller like me :">

Yeah, the only thing I’ve noticed is a font change. Everything seems smaller now. Not sure if that’s an improvement… but it’s something at least.

Forum updates are coming as far as I know. Of course, initial experience may need adjustment so I wouldn’t suggest any upset over the first release. Expect some updates on 10/7/15. :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: I could always see your picture :wink:
Some people kept saying “update is coming” so I thought maybe it’s here…
oh well, it’ll take a while to get used to seeing this font

Reply to @kjblynx: I swear. I’m having the same issue.

Just wondering, how did you get in touch with CS regarding this issue?
Which subcategory did you choose?
(Sorry, I’m bored and procrastinating from deliveries)

Reply to @dusuacangmon: I don’t think an update to the forums has any correlation with the sales of gigs. It might but that’s very unlikely.
Good luck! Hope what you say comes out to be true

Reply to @funkygfx: thank you :smiley:

Reply to @kjblynx: There are some minor design and style changes happening to this version of the forums. We’re in the process of releasing a completely new version of the forums, but circumstances are delaying its release. I don’t have an ETA but we haven’t forgotten about it!